Hoods and Traps Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Systems - Three categories

Shaban Inc. proudly employs certified technicians trained to service all three types of systems.

1) Dry hood(filter type)
2) Water wash hood and
3) UV hood units.

End-to-end cleaning along with Preventive Maintenance is offered to subscribers of our Full Service Program. In addition, a Service Technician is available 24/7/365.

Certified Service Agency (CSA)

Shaban Inc. is a Certified Service Agency (CSA) for virtually all water-wash hood manufacturers along with Ultra Violet (UV) systems. The title, CSA, can only be offered to those companies that have factory trained personnel and maintain a parts inventory. Every two years our Service Technicians revisit the factory for testing to maintain current certification along with training on new products. Hence, our technicians are capable of performing adjustments, repairs, preventive maintenance (P/M) and troubleshooting.

Maintaining N.Y.C.F.D. & N.F.P.A. Compliance

Upon completing our service, we post a dated Certification that meets NYCFD & NFPA 96 & 13 requirements. Shaban Inc. is authorized to perform testing of Fire Protection systems built into Aquamatic, Carroll, Gaylord and Ventmaster hoods. However, our Service Technicians are capable of maintaining virtually all manufacturers systems.

Shaban Inc. assisted in augmenting the Fire Codes

Several years ago Shaban Inc. was invited to assist in augmenting the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code relative to all types of kitchen exhaust systems. This resulted in establishing the cleaning frequency recommended by code authorities. The New York City Deputy Fire Inspector invited Shaban Inc. to present a seminar to the NYCFD Inspectors, which included a lecture noting how to Perform an inspection and see that the units meet the NFPA 96 & 13 and NYCFD Codes. The seminar was also presented to the Building Fire and Safety Officers Association along with several corporate cafeteria mangers.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Trap Cleaning

Owing to the volume of water used when water wash hoods perform during the wash cycle, grease traps become stressed. Therefore, our full service package includes grease trap cleaning. We also have TDW Enzymes available that serve to form colonies and help keep waste lines clear.