TDW Bio-Enzyme Grease Treatment

With the EPA's Clean Water Act standards tougher than ever, it's important to have a treatment method you can trust to remove fat, oils and grease from your drainlines and wastewater. With TDW Bio-Enzyme Grease Treatment, even the toughest traps, interceptors, drainlines and wastewater systems can be managed quickly, easily and affordably.

A Natural Grease Fighter
TDW Grease Treatment works naturally with a combination of scientifically-adapted bacteria and enzymes. This unique, industrial-strength detergent base softens oil and grease, allowing the grease-fighting bacteria and enzymes to convert it into environmentally-acceptable elements. At the same time, they eliminate the unpleasant odors and gases which are so common to greasy drainlines.

There's never been an easier way to clean drainlines, grease traps and wastewater systems. Just add TDW to your drains, and let it go to work breaking down the greasy mess. Once your drains and traps are clean, you'll find they're easily maintained by adding smaller amounts of TDW on a daily basis.

Certified Safe
Unlike harsh chemical formulas, you don't have to worry about the handling and use of TDW Grease Treatment. The natural grease-fighting bacteria and enzymes in TDW are laboratory tested and certified to be non-pathogenic and salmonella-free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
TDW is guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction when used according to manufacturer's recommendations. Because every system is different, experimentation and adjustments may be necessary to determine the amount needed for optimum results.

Available in:
Gallons (4 per case)
5 Gallon Pails
30 Gallon drums (hand pumps available)
55 Gallon drums (hand pumps available)
Please contact us or call us at (201) 902-0500 for pricing.