Shaban Inc. is a certified woman-owned, small business with almost a century of uninterrupted operation and experience. Presently, the third generation has assumed the responsibility of managing the business. Our offices and warehouse are located at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. This permits us to respond easily within our geographic area, which includes New Jersey and the Greater New York area.

The family began as fireplace cleaners and then graduated to boiler cleaning. The past fifty years have found us specializing in servicing Kitchen Exhaust Systems. The water-wash innovation in hood systems demanded technical experience. Shaban Inc. is among the oldest Certified Service Agency (CSA) for virtually all water-wash manufacturers. Our factory-trained technicians are capable of repairing and even rebuilding water-wash hoods.

Horizontal and vertical grease duct (riser) cleaning is within our area of expertise. For the past fifteen years, we have been called upon to employ our hi-tech equipment for Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning. Laundry chutes and chimney cleaning, along with apartment trash chutes, are also within our area of expertise. Projects are always satisfactorily completed on time and our staff will look for ways to offer additional service.

All our field personnel are full time employees, appear on time wearing clean uniforms and carry all tools and parts necessary to perform. Subscribers to our service find a technician available 24/7/365. Both the administrative and operations group work together to provide you with the highest level of service available in the industry.